Techniques in Computer Vision

When building an interactive system it’s important to look at the technologies available. What would be a perfect setup to build a prototype for an interactive system. What are the advantages and disadvantage of the different solutions? In this chapter I explain the technologies I used and why. I explain the basic functions of the prototype and the technology behind it.

Before building my prototype I decided to do some tests in different programming languages and techniques. I did tests three different environments:

  • Processing and OpenCV
  • Processing with SimpleOpenNI
  • Actionscript 3 with Kinect, OpenNi and NodeJS.

In the following videos I have some thoughts about each technology with its advantage and disadvantage

OpenCV in Processing
OpenCV is an open source computer vision library developed by Intel. I used the processing edition from
OpenCV for Processing is a good tool develop a working prototype in a short time. The problem with Processing edition from OpenCV is, that it needs a lot of performance. In the next two videos we can see the difference with different resolution.

OpenCV and Processing 320 x 240
This resolution works quite good and the performance of the program works fine.
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