Many thanks to

  • my Mentor Max Rheiner for his ideas and technical support
  • my Mentor Karmen Franinovic for her inputs and ideas
  • my girlfriend Daniela Spühler for her patience and support
  • Dominik Brumm from Cubera Solutions GmbH for his coding support
  • Matt Inauen from yatah for his ideas and language skills
  • Raphael Perret for his support on how to construct the shop window
  • Jürg Abegg and his team for building the frame for the shop window prototype
  • Sascha Wohlgemuth from Jelmoli for his inputs on the content of the shop window
  • Jörg Bruppacher for providing many photos
  • Florian Wille for his input and the 3D renderings
  • the 2nd and 4th semester from the interaction design programm for the painting
  • my family for believing in me and supporting me all the time

And all others for their input and user tests during this project.