Projector and Kinect testing

Before I could create the exhibition design, I had to know how large the projected image can be and what the distance of the projector from the screen will be. I tested it with two different projectors. A short-distance projector and a normal projector.
It turned out that the use of a short distance projector is the better solution because this makes the construction easier and the size of the image is bigger. Unfortunately, the color quality of the short distance projector is not as good.

Next, I conducted tests to see how well Microsoft Kinect is playing with the projection. It was mainly about whether the tracking still works when set up directly in the projected area. After that I checked the angle of the camera to identify more possible positions of it.

The findings of this tests were that the Kinect and the projector cover the same area, which results in a much easier setup. Also tracking through a projected area didn’t seemed to be a problem.

Thanks to Jan Huggenberg for helping me with the test setup

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