Theme Design

When designing the application I tried to bring in an abstract layer. People should still easily discover that the theme is “New York” but it should not look like a photo. Therefore I designed it in a cartoon like way. I tried to use typical aspects from New York when working with the graphics. Using photos as a draft and reassemble them to a new art work helped to keep the New York touch but added a surreal visual value. Changes between the scenes are displayed through an animation. The animation has an important part because this is the point when most users get attracted by the shop window.

The interactive shop window prototype uses two scenes: Central Park and City.

Scene: City
The City scene displays the fast living and uprising business life. Everything is loud and fast.
Buildings in the city are tall and grey. Only a few famous buildings are added to build the connection to the trend city New York. Everybody knows the city and its very famous attraction like the state of liberty or the empire state building. Therefore I added this two famous constructions to the design to make it easy readable for the visitor to see what the theme is about. But New York is not only famous for this two constructions, New York is a major player in the movie industry like in the movie King Kong. Therefore I used King Kong as a fun attractor for the shop window visitor.
The bag displayed in the shop window is a bag specially designed for business lady‘s. To display more information about the bag I used the famous “ONE WAY” street signs and replaced its content with the new bag information. Using such a connection helps the user understand that the theme is “New York” but also brings in the connection between the bag and the theme.
As an addition to this visual aspects and features I added sound. Having sound as a background noise as well as having sound for playful features supports the theme even more.

Scene: Central Park
The Central Park scene is, in contrast to the City scene, more quite and nature related. The Central Park in New York is another very important part for this city. Many people use it to relax from their stressful and hectic life. They go out for a run or play sports or have a picnic with friends. In my design I tried to bring in this relaxing and playful aspect. I used butterflies to follow the active hand, a squirrel running around and added girls having a picnic. All of it supported by background sounds from a park. A man which walks into the scene displays that there is a wave gesture required to gain more possibilities to control the interactive shop window. With such a direct message it’s easy for users to understand how to get an additional interaction layer.