Today, retail stores are finding themselves in a fierce competition with e-commerce stores. By bringing the latest technologies to these physical locations, Ventana is trying to provide a solution to this problem. Installed in the shop‘s window, Ventana enables passing potential customers to interact with a digital representation of the store‘s inventory. Now, well informed, the customer is more likely to enter the shop.

Ventana is designed to allow the presentation of any kind of information. It could be used to present fashion, jewelery or a restaurants menu. For our purposes Ventana is showing two products thematizing the US city New York. By the mere presence in front of the window a user can navigate and interactively experience the digital space.

The non-stop availability of the stores inventory breaks the boundaries between the digital and the real world and has the potential to attract many more customers. And as touch-less sensors become more affordable we will see many more applications of this kind, which will open up a range of completely new possibilities. Kinect, for example, would allow us to determine a customers body size and use it as a filter on the inventory and thus tailoring the information to the users needs.