Added Value / Future

The non-stop availability of the stores inventory breaks the boundaries between the digital and the real world and has the potential of attracting many more customers.

While traditional shop windows only had the change to display one theme and a few products we can use in interactive shop windows a huge inventory and amount of information in a small area. With touch-less sensors becoming much more affordable and therefore an extended reach we now have completely new possibilities.

In the future we will see systems which will determine a customers body size and use it as a filter on the inventory and tailor the information to the users needs. That could mean that kids get children related content and their parents more adult related information.

The system will know if a user is far a way or close to the shop window and therefor display different content.

In the future shop windows will determine if only one person is in front of the shop window or if there are many people passing by.

Combining digital media with a real live store will allow store users to extend their inventory tremendously and break through the physical locations limitations. When shops start to activate new shopping channels for example sales through the shop window when the shop hours are closed a new point of sale can be established.