Interactive Shop Windows vs. Traditional Shop Windows

In a direct comparison between traditional shop windows and interactive shop windows we can find for both possibilities interesting parts. Through the use of an interactive shop window we can add a new target group. On the other hand we also loose the more traditional oriented customer.

Having an interactive shop window in place we are more likely to get the customers attraction. We have the possibility to add additional information in a small area. Wile having a limitation on space in a traditional shop window we can use digital content without limitation and therefore display much more information or products than with a traditional shop window. New shopping channels can be activated too. For example sale through the shop window when the shop hours are closed.

On the down side we have more external influence for example sunlight which disturbs the screen projection or camera tracking. Some people might get easy overcharged with new systems and we do not have a common gesture set and usability standard which would help them.