Theme – New York

For my bachelor project I built an interactive shop window with the theme “New York”. I choose this theme because I think its a challenging topic and I do have a direct comparison to the shopping window from Jelmoli.
My shop window will not be related to the one from Jelmoli and I do not get support, requirements or guidelines from Jelmoli.

One thing I wanted to achieve with this shop window is to bring New York closer to the person in front of it. To achieve this I will use different technologies. It is important to me that I will attract the user. When shoppers pass by they should stop and start playing with it. The setup should be very playful and therefore target a younger audience.

Bring people passing by into the virtual world which is displayed behind the shopping window


Let shoppers draw graffiti in the virtual urban place

Playing with sound from New York


Target on the age and displays different products to different people



One important part is to attract the users attention make them want to explore the shopping window