Most common gestures currently used by digital systems

In this section I would like to show the most common gestures currently used by systems. There are a few gestures which are very common and already so established that we already use them intuitively.

Tap or point to open, select or activate
Most touch based applications use the tap to send click events. It is used to open a function, select an item or activate it. Most touch screen mobile phone use this as one of the most used gesture. But if you look at controller free applications like Microsoft Kinect this function is hardly used yet. „Pointing is the most natural gesture for selection.“ [Saffer, Dan (2008): Designing Gestural Interfaces. O‘Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN 978-0-596-51839-4 Page: 76]

Drag and Drop
From GUIs on personal computers we know drag and drop functions. In a natural user interface such a function can be a very clear gestures as it can be directly transformed in how we move objects in real life.

Pinch to shrink and spread to enlarge
Since Apples iPhone and iPod Touch got really popular nearly everybody knows that the pinch or spread of fingers or hands gestures can change the size of an object. It became one of the most popular gesture without a direct real life counterpart.

Wave to activate
Waving is a simple gesture and has already a wide usage area. Not only is it needed to activate the user tracking on Microsoft‘s Kinect , it‘s also very common in public restrooms for the water tap, paper spender or the toilet flush.