Technologies of Interactive Shopping Windows

Interactive shop windows use different technologies. Currently the most common are touchscreens. Many examples us this technology because it is already well established. Newer touch-screens use multi-touch which improves the user experience. Using a depth sensing camera or multi camera tracking setup is the latest trend in interactive shop windows. Shoppers will no longer need to touch anything and can use their hands or body to control the information displayed on the shop window. New technologies allow multiple users and 3D gesture tracking. With such a system in place window shopper can look at products from any angle using simple gestures. Whenever there is a user and the system knows what the user is looking at, it can track this information. Using this information in an analytics system can give valuable information of which product is looked at most and for how long. This technology would allow to take a picture of each person who looks at a product and store this information together with the products the person looked at (even though under the current law in Switzerland this would be prohibited).

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