Possible In-Window Purchase

When we design the next generation of shop windows its important to think about the additional values. Not only can such a system create an entertaining buzz, but it can also drive sales. If we add the ability for the customers to purchase products directly from the window, even when the shop itself is closed. To establish an easy connection between the shopping window and an online store we have a few possibilities.

Order form
Having an order form directly integrated in the system can make it easy for people to order a product. There will be no additional device needed to order a product.

Video Order
Shoppers will record their adress on video using a camera and a microphone built into the shopping window. This way no additional device is needed for the shoppers.

Order using SMS
Nearly everybody owns a mobile phone. Being able to use text message from a mobile phone is a convenient way to order a product.

QR Code
The QR (Quick Response) Tag, was developed by a Japanese company in 1994. Its a 2 dimensional code to store information. Most smart phones have the possibility to read QR codes. Using a QR code in the description of the product makes it easy for the user to order it online. One advantage of such a system is that the order address or payment option not directly will be handled in the shopping windows which makes the order process more secure and private.

QR-Code which contains the URL: www.michaelfretz.com

Google Wallet (NFC)
With Google launching a mobile payment system based on NFC Chip payment we will soon get the possibility to pay all over the world with our mobile phones. This system will allow to pay products through the window directly from the street