Behaviour of People in Front of Shopping Windows

How do people behave in front of a shop‘s window? How do people stand there and what are they actually doing? And is it possible for us to distinguish a window shopper without interest to buy something from one that we might be able to entice to do so?

served and photographed pedestrians walking through the shopping street. Many people of different ages were walking along the windows. Some very slow, others very busy. A small number of stops at certain windows to look at them. While the shoppers looked at the window, they were only focusing on it. They didn’t move when other people passed them. Usually they stood still or pointed at certain objects if somebody was with them. Also if a shop offered outside display items people would often take it in their hands. It also seemed that this may have engaged them to enter the store.

One important part for the attraction of a shop‘s window is it‘s location. At places where people wait, many look closely in the windows. Such places are next to a tram station or next to a pedestrian crossing. More remote shops get less attraction.

Some people just stand in front of the shop window without moving.

Talking on the phone and look at shopping windows is a common phenomena.

People spend more time in front of the store if they can actually touch the product. In this case people read in the books in front of a book store.

The colors and the design is an important part for a shopping window to attract people.

If a shopping window is designed different then others people will stand in front of it for a long time.

Shopping Windows with a different approach attract more people to look whats inside.