Interactions in a Digital System

When we think about interactions in digital systems we can divide it in three areas:

Digital Manipulation
Whenever we press a button, drag a scrollbar or move an object in our graphical user interface we manipulate a digital system. Our language involves different patterns like single click, double-click, press and move, release and roll over. All these patterns are performed by a mouse, keyboard or a similar device.

Gestures in 2D
Most touchscreens and modern trackpads allow gestures to manipulate the software. Since Apple released the iPod Touch and iPhone we got familiar with simple gestures with our fingers, such as flicking album covers with one finger or zooming and scrolling with two fingers.

Gestures in 3D
After Nintendo launched the Wii controller many people got used to interact with gestures in a 3D space. New gestures like shaking, turning or spinning were introduced. With the launch of Microsoft’s Kinect gestures with the hole body became popular and accessible to a general audience. Currently such systems are mainly developed for gaming, exhibitions or experiments.

Further reading: Bachelor Thesis TWYE Fabian Kuhn Page 16-18