Daily Gestures to Controll Applications

Our gesture lexicon has many different gestures for different situations. Some of these gestures are the same all over the world, some are totally different depending on the cultural background of the user.

In a few example I want to show different gestures and what they mean for our culture here in Switzerland. These examples are all gestures that could be used to control an application.

Gesture: YES

If someone shakes the head up and down it means that this person agrees to something.

Gesture: NO

If someone shakes the head left to right and right to left it means that this person disagrees to something.

Gesture: OK

Putting a thumb up is interpreted in Switzerland as a positive feedback.

Gesture: NOT OK

Pointing down a thumb will be interpreted as not OK in Switzerland. Mostly this gesture will be performed with a small movement

Gesture: SILENT

A raised finger will be intepreded as a gesture to display silence. Often combined with a “sschh” sound.

Gesture: LOUDER

If the hand cupps the ear it displays that the user thinks its to silent. It should display that the sound needs to be increased.

Gesture: WAVING

Waving with one hand is mainly used to say good bye and sometimes to welcome someone.


Pointing is the most natural gesture to show what one wants.

Many thanks to my girlfriend for being in the movies.