2D vs. 3D – a few thoughts

During my research I came across the question if I should build a 2D or 3D interface for my application. Here a few thoughts I had.

Advantages of a 2D interface
The 2 dimensional applications are very common. Most of the graphical user interfaces have been designed in 2D. Users can deal with such systems using common input devices like a mouse or a keyboard.

If a spatial input is used but the interface remains flat, it can be confusing for users. A transmitted thinking is required.

Advantages of a 3D interface
If a 3 dimensional representation of a user interface is used, users will more likely use 3 dimensional gestures. To support the intuitive action of the user, spatial input should be used for a 3D interface.

Is an interface designed in 3D and controlled by 3D gestures it will be relatively quickly tiring. 3D interfaces are often slower to reach a goal.

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