Background Research

Background Research
During my research with gesture based applications I found that many applications are difficult to use. But all analyzed projects had a few interesting parts in them. One major lack in gesture based applications is that we do not have a gesture standard yet. There are only a few common gesture which have quite established in currently used systems . If we focus on application which will be available in public space and easy to use we have to use this gestures or find a way to display our new gesture in a very easy way.

The use of touch-free interaction with an application in public space seems a good solution for my bachelor project. The research showed that in this field already many different systems got established. Some of them had a complicated multi camera setup wile others used a depth sensing camera setup. Using a depth sensing system will make it easier to calibrate and use.
In my bachelor project I will build an easy to use, Kinect controlled application, that uses an easy to learn gesture set.

Questions I would like to answer during this project:

  • When does it make sense to use a gesture and what gestures are easy to learn?
  • What gesture will normal users use for a common tasks?
  • What gestures can be used in public space?

download BA Background Research Paper (PDF)